Saturday, February 26, 2011

A whale of a tale ...

As I was waiting for my friend Caroline to pick me up for the evening festivities,
I was doing a bit of shopping on the web 
and came across this Betti Terrell Dress (for Coco, of course) ...

Betti Terrell Girls Sleeveless Pink Seersucker Dress -

and between the pink seersucker and smocked whales 
I couldn't help envisioning an adorable pink and green whale party.

Pink Babe Invitation with Whale Motif

And then I thought, wouldn't a whaling theme dinner be great, 
with a tablescape full of scrimshaw and Nantucket baskets, 

Tim Parsons' Scrimshaw Piece from

Nantucket Basket from

so thought I must have blue and other colors ... 
and other pieces for the inevitable follow ups ...

Blue Babe Correspondence Card with Whale Motif

Green Babe Calling Card with Whale Motif
Of course, now I want it in other motifs (soon to come!!), 
and so begins my newest collection - Babe. 
Classic and preppy and perfect for any age!


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