Friday, April 4, 2014

An Evening With Ina Garten

We were thrilled to be chosen as a featured boutique for MetroCooking DC's Evening with Ina Garten at Lisner Auditorium in Washington DC. 

In planning for the event the idea of a little something to give to Ina gave birth to an absolutely adorable note pad design featuring her cookbooks.  

We caught a glimpse of the goddess herself when she entered the building but didn't imagine that we'd meet her. Our gift was whisked away and sent backstage to be delivered. Not even five minutes later the doors flew open and Ina herself came out proudly holding her note pads and just thrilled to pieces.  
Her exact words??? 

"What a fantastic gift. I'm just knocked out, these are so wonderful!"

She was so warm, personable and incredibly gracious. She loved Muffy's entire line of kitchen products (natch!). The evening was both entertaining and informative - what a treat to hear her speak candidly about her career development, recipe development, new line of freezer products, local sourcing and more! Ina is not only an incredible cook and smart businesswoman, but also possesses an easiness about her and a sneaky quick wit that made the entire experience absolutely delightful.

You can see all of Muffy's kitchen and home products on our website,

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